Alia Bhatt’s Weight Loss Recipe Going Viral: Try This Beetroot Salad To Keep Belly Fat At Bay

The two dishes shared by Alia Bhatt is something that anyone can have which is low in calories and can keep you fuller for a longer period of time

Are you also on weight loss diet and trying to get rid of that stubborn belly fat?

Well, then Bollywood diva Ali Bhatt has a secret recipe for you. The Student Of The Year actress is very popular on the internet for her fitness inspiration and gym videos.  She has been posting fitness videos for her fans, be it doing a workout session with actress Katrina Kaif or sharing a sneak peek into her kitchen, Alia Bhatt has been in the news for motivating her fans with fitness videos.

When it comes to losing weight effectively, a diet plan plays an important role. Alia Bhatt  brings you a special beetroot salad and chia pudding recipe for all fitness enthusiasts.

Alia shared her favorite recipes on YouTube. Here’s a sneak peek into the recipe:

Weight Loss Beetroot Salad

Beetroot is one of those nutritious vegetables which is extremely healthy and loaded with essential nutrients which the body requires:

Ingredients Required

  1. Grated Beetroot
  2. Hung curd or yogurt
  3. Salt and Pepper to taste
  4. Cumin seeds
  5. Mustard seeds
  6. Asafoetida
  7. Chat masala
  8. Curry leaves

How To Make The Healthy Salad

“Take a bowl, add grated beetroot and microwave it for a few minutes – until soft. Now, add yogurt or hung curd to it. Put salt and pepper to taste and mix everything well. What’s coming next is interesting and will make your healthy dish tastier.”

Heat the pan, put some almond oil, add the jeera or cumin seeds, (whole), mustard seeds, asafoetida (a pinch), and some curry leaves then put this tadka to the beetroot salad and serve it fresh. Oh! don’t forget to add a pinch on chat masala for that extra tangy flavour.

Beetroot salad is quick and easy to make and is not just one of those weight loss recipes. So if you are one of those who don’t like to spend too much time on it, this is the best option to opt for and loves to dig into a yummy bowl of salad.

Chia Pudding For Weight Loss

Alia Bhatt, in the same video, also shared a savory for all those with a sweet tooth. But, she kept in mind the word ‘healthy’. For the ones who are trying to lose weight Chia seeds are a famous ingredient for them for sure.

Being said that, Alia Bhatt made it more nutritious by making a dessert with it that anyone can have as a healthy snack option.

Ingredients Required

  1. Chia seeds
  2. Coconut milk (for everyone who doesn’t like coconut milk can also go for almond milk or plain skimmed milk)
  3. Protein powder (Whichever you prefer)
  4. Stevia (optional)

How To Make This Healthy Pudding

Alia also shared how to make this Healthy Pudding and said, “Take a bowl, add a spoon full of chia seeds, coconut milk (or choice of your milk), protein powder (1 scoop) and stevia (1-2 drops).

Mix everything well and voila! celebrity special chia seeds pudding is ready. You have to leave this for some time in the refrigerator so that the chia seeds can swell up and get ready for digestion.”

The two dishes shared by Alia Bhatt is something that anyone can have which is low in calories and can keep you fuller for a longer period of time.

However, Chia seeds are extremely rich in fibre and are best for everyone who is trying to lose weight. Its rich in antioxidant and one can try several other recipes with these as well.


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