AEOHD Organises 9th Global Conclave – OCCUCLAVE 2022 on “Fostering Health, Wellbeing & Environmental Sustainability for Future-Ready Organizations”

To promote safe, healthy & happy workplaces following WHO Healthy Workplace Model

In today’s times, employee wellness is receiving increasing attention, especially after the pandemic as more and more companies realise the importance of workplace wellness. The US Chamber of Commerce says that investment in a well-designed health and wellness program can yield an ROI of up to $3 per $1 spent!

To discuss how to promote safe, healthy and happy workplaces, the Association of Environmental and Occupational Health, Delhi (AEOHD), organized its 9th Global Conclave – OCCUCLAVE 2022, following WHO Healthy Workplace Model with the theme – Fostering Health, Wellbeing & Environmental Sustainability for Future-Ready Organizations. Indian Oil supported the event as Title Partner. Mr Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE inaugurated the OCCUCLAVE. In his inaugural address, DG, SCOPE encouraged Public Sector Undertakings to implement the ‘WHO Healthy Workplace Model’ for the promotion of health & wellbeing at their respective workplaces.

Objectives of OCCUCLAVE 2022

To educate, encourage & empower participants on:

• Indoor Air Quality and Health

• Industrial Hygiene

• Occupational Safety and Health in Mining

• Epidemiology in Occupational Health

• Occupational Health in the Chemical Industry

• Occupational Health and Development

• Nanomaterial & Workers’ Health

• Occupational Medicine

• Government Laws & Regulations concerning workplace health

The other participants were Executive Director (HSE), CO Mr Ranjan Mehrotra, Guest of Honour; Medical Heads of all Indian Oil Refinery Units including CPCL, officers from all Divisions and Medical officers/ HSE officers of PSU’s and Private Corporates. Medical Heads of GAIL (India) Ltd., NHPC, Hero MotoCorp and GSK also shared their healthy workplace programs during the conclave.

During the 9th Global Conclave – OCCUCLAVE 2022, Dr Sandeep Sharma, GM (HSE-Medical), CO, Indian Oil presented the Healthy Workplace Programs of Indian Oil detailing leadership commitment, worker’s involvement, concern for the customer and community at large, personal health resources, physical and psychosocial health, to facilitate other organizations to implement ‘WHO Healthy Workplace Model’ in their respective organizations.

Speaking at the conclave, Dr Swadeep Srivastava, Founder & CEO of HEAL Health Group, said, “The most important requirement for an organization to become future-ready is to be able to integrate technology into the company’s functioning, including workplace wellness or corporate wellness, thereby creating a whole culture of wellness. Be it corporate organizations, MSMEs or even PSUs, an organization’s work remains incomplete without the integration of technology into what they are aspiring to achieve, particularly concerning wellness.”

“Keeping this in mind, Dr Satyender Goel, Founder & CEO – India Health Link, after an R&D of about 7 years, has designed a technology that brings together the entire health and wellness ecosystem into one ‘PHYGITAL’ module, meaning physical combined with digital. This ‘PHYGITAL’ technology consists of the IHL hPOD, a first-of-its-kind Health kiosk, which measures 20+ vital health parameters within just 3 minutes! Having worked in the healthcare industry for about 25 years, I believe that India is actually in need of such technology to boost its primary and preventative healthcare services. Moreover, the best part is that the kiosk can be upgraded to include more Point of Care services to customise as per specific needs,” he adds.

Dr Rajiv Kumar Jain, Senior Consultant Health – Indian Railways, said, “Workers are at the focus of any organization and no workplace can function successfully without the active engagement of its employees. Research findings suggest that for any program to be successful, workers and representatives must be involved in a meaningful way through each step of the process from planning to implementation and evaluation.”

Introducing a new tactic for ensuring healthier workplaces, Dr Soumya Prabhat Jati, Section Head (Medical) Hero Motocorp Ltd., Haridwar, said, “Having talked about the conventional methods of maintaining workplace wellness, I would like to now introduce you all to a new scheme of ensuring a healthier workforce, that is the Buddy System. In this method, we assign a physical as well as a digital buddy to each person. We have tried and tested this method in our organization and we are glad to see tremendous results. When we identify unwell people and assign their co-workers the responsibility of putting them back on track, we see that within just 3 months, 100 percent of the employees get converted into healthier categories!”

Talking more about the importance of creating a culture of wellness, Dr Ashish Vijay Jain, Head – Employee Health & Wellbeing, Consumer Healthcare Global, GlaxoSmithKline Plc at GSK, said, “All organizational leaders aim to make fantastic figures, have lesser safety incidents and increase employee satisfaction in their company. However, as wellness experts, it is our responsibility to make this possible. I believe that this can only be achieved by creating a culture of health and well-being in the organization. If we start thinking about the employees first and put the numbers second, this is the outcome that we will ultimately receive.”














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