Adopt Rules Of Personal Hygiene : Live A Healthier Life

Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Dubey

Under normal circumstances, it is often seen that people behave extremely irresponsibly towards their health. It is nothing but playing with your own health.

While talking, while coughing, while sneezing, apply a handkerchief, swab or mask on the mouth. If there is nothing, then bend your hand and place the elbow in front of your face.

Avoid shaking hands, wash hands after shaking. Greet or welcome by bowing down. By joining hands, the dirt of one person goes into the other person’s hand. It is risky, it not only causes disease but also causes epidemics. Similarly, the throat should be avoided. Show affection, gratitude to people for the reception. Work for the welfare of all.

Must wash hands while eating. Keep your clothes, bedding and utensils clean.

These are small remedies, if we follow them daily in our ordinary life, then we will definitely stay away from 90 percent infectious diseases.

Stay Clean – Stay Healthy.

(Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Dubey, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (Civil) Hospital, Lucknow)

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