Adequate Nutrition Key To Fight COVID-19: Experts  

Local traditional Indian foods, a balanced diet, supplemented with natural herbs are a potent combination to avert threat from COVID-19.

The coronavirus is a highly communicable disease and has claimed millions of lives. The present pandemic has brought our focus back on boosting our immunity using traditional nutritious food. Many experts believe that this is the first course of action to be able to beat the virus if contracted.

According to Dr Shikha Sharma – founder and managing director of Dr Shikha’s NutriHealth – it is very crucial to include vitamins and minerals in our diet through nutritious food.

“There are several foods that are rich in natural minerals and nutrients but we destroy their nutritional value in the course of our cooking and consumption practices. An example is wheat which in its original form is dalia, it has important minerals like phosphorus but in our strange wisdom we powder it into a refined maida which is nothing but starch and increases weight and risk of diabetes,” Dr Shikha Sharma said.

“Traditional food items like barley, channa, sattu, seeds — pumpkin, sunflower, chia and flax can be included in diets for a nutrition boost across all age groups,” she added.

She also enlisted some Ayurvedic herbs that can be used to boost immunity and create an all-rounded diet. “Aswagandha is a very powerful herb that can be given to both seniors and children. It builds the body’s immunity and reduces stress. Giloy purifies the blood and keeps the pH intact,” she said. She later added tulsi and turmeric to the list.

She also dismissed the need for a protein or carbohydrate rich diet and stressed on the importance of a balanced diet with ample supply of essential fatty acids, protein and carbs found through local traditional grains, millets, pulses, dairy products and greens.

Meanwhile, Sangeeta Narayan – nutrition educator and wellness expert – said that it is very important to not take any stress during these times and have a proper 6-8 hour sleep.

“Add fruits or food items rich in Vitamin C, they act as a stress buster and immunity booster. Having proper meals is important especially a nutritious and nourishing breakfast. Exercising plays a very important role in managing stress and keeping mind clear,” she added.

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