Add These 5 Healthy Beverages To Your New Year Resolution And See The Change

New Year brings the drive to be a better version of ourselves in every aspect and the first resolution we take towards it is about being fit and following a healthy eating habit.

-The Tea Planet

New Year brings the drive to be a better version of ourselves in every aspect and the first resolution we take towards it is about being fit and following a healthy eating habit. Although with New Year celebrations and winter festivities we give into our never-ending craving for the warm cup of drink that can refresh us and soothe our soul. But we can indulge in a tasty cup of a treat without breaking our resolution and staying healthy. Adding a cup of tea will do the trick and we can enjoy every moment without the guilt trip. Tea is the oldest and most craved drink which gives our mood an upswing. No matter how we make it, black, green, infused, or just the plain good old masala tea, this cup will always tingle our taste buds and fill us with joy. A drink that originated in Asia is now ruling the world with full glory. Not just because of the taste but due to its health benefits. Tea is a rich source of flavonoids and bioactive compounds which can lessen stress and relieve inflammation. All these qualities make the humble tea most favourite drink globally. Let’s start the New Year with the taste of good health and guilt-free refreshment. Here are the 5 healthy beverages you can add to your New Year’s resolution and see the change.

  1. Lemongrass Masala Chai CTC Tea by the Tea Planet

Lemongrass Masala Chai CTC Tea is a blend of warm spices with fresh lemongrass, perfect for a cold winter evening. You can enjoy its light, lemony, sweet, and refreshing flavours all in one cup of tea. The Tulsi lemongrass tea is preferred for its refreshing taste and aroma. All you need to do is Just add warm water and sugar/honey to taste and this soothing herb tea relaxes and refreshes your body with all-natural flavors. Delicate and refreshing infusion of flavours can also be tried with ice. The pack is available in four different size variants varying with the price.

  1. Teas by Vahdam India

Vahdam India redefines the way you experience your everyday tea. You cannot resist trying out these traditional teas in different ranges of flavours like Himalayan green tea, Turmeric spiced herbal tea tisane, Mint Melody green tea, Tangy Tamarind Iced Tea & many more. Handpicked in India, their tea is made from the freshest and the best quality ingredients with climate and plastic neutrality. It also offers a latte with spiced flavors and fresh vegetal notes to sail through the day with their wide range of Turmeric Latte. To relish a creamy sweet cup of natural goodness simply add these to your preferred variant nut milk or low-fat dairy milk.

  1. Society green tea

As the world comes to acknowledge the plethora of benefits that green tea is more than just a hydrating beverage, Society Green Tea brings to you the very best of this miracle potion. Naturally low in calories and containing less caffeine than black tea and coffee, green tea has the highest concentration of antioxidants. Society Green Tea promotes health and well-being and is sure to make you feel great.  Based in Maharashtra, Society Green Tea has become a dominant force with presence in other states such as Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chennai, Punjab, Rajasthan and Delhi.

  1. Herbal Leaf Teas by Exotic Blooming Teas

Made from dried fruits, flowers, spices or herbs, herbal teas come in a wide range of flavours along with several health properties. Depending on herbal blend Exotic Blooming Teas offers three varieties of herbal teas in flavour of rose, Chamomile and hibiscus with availability in three size variants with features of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As the world is moving towards a healthy regime, Exotic Blooming Teas manufacture luxury leaf teas.

  1. Teas by The Tea Trunk

Founded in 2013, The Tea Trunk crafts their teas into unique blends. Offering a variety of teas from ice teas, matcha, caffeine-free herbal teas and tea bundles. Also, what’s better than customising your own tea according to your flavours! The Tea Planet lets you create your own tea blend choosing a tea blend and upto 6 ingredients. The Tea Trunk also offers tea with concerns for weight loss, sleep care, hormonal balance, throat care, detox & digestion, skin care immunity boosting & hair care.

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