People Across India Celebrate #9बजे9मिनट

Responding to PM’s Appeal, people in various cities, towns across India celebrated what many call a Corona “Diwali”. Thy lighted the candles, diyas and turned off the lights of their houses to fight the ‘darkness spread by the pandemic’. Earlier, in an attempt to show the unity of 1.3 billion people, PM Modi on April 3 had asked Indians to switch off the lights in their homes and light candles, diyas or the mobile flashlight for nine minutes at 9pm on April 5. “We must move towards the light. We must take the ones who are affected the most — the ones with less resources — towards hope. We must move past the darkness and uncertainty that has been created, and go towards the light. We must spread the light everywhere,” he had said in his appeal to the nation. Have a look at these pictures we have collected from the social media.
Seen of Delhi Airport
Bindeshawar pathak (Founder of Sulabh International)
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