Abbott Launches Arachitol Gummies: Bridging The Nutritional Gap For Vitamin D And Calcium

Vitamin D and Calcium are essential micronutrients that help in keeping our bones, muscles and teeth healthy and strong. Research shows that nearly 76% of Indians experience Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency, with highest prevalence in individuals aged 18 to 30. Abbott’s Arachitol Gummies is a fruit flavored dietary supplement for daily Vitamin D and calcium requirements for both children and adults to support health and immunity

Abbott, the global healthcare leader, has launched Arachitol Gummies in India, a new fruit flavored product for kids and adults. Arachitol Gummies is a dietary supplement that helps maintain required levels of Vitamin D sustainably.  As the body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium for better bone health, keeping recommended levels of vitamin D is essential for overall well-being. Formulated with additional essential micronutrients such as calcium and curcumin, they help support bone health and immunity. Launched in orange fruit flavor, these easy-to-consume gummies are approved as health supplements by the Food Safety and Standards Authority in India.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR 2010) recommends a daily supplement of 400 IU/day (international units of measurement) of Vitamin D for Indians under situations of minimal exposure to sunlight. According to a recent study, despite India being a tropical country with an abundance of sunlight, 76% of Indians have Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency, especially in the 18-30 age group. Limited sunlight exposure, air pollution obstructing UVB rays, high melanin levels and low intake of fortified foods are some of the major causes of Vitamin D deficiency.

Dr. Jejoe Karankumar, Director Medical Affairs at Abbott said, “Abbott has been a pioneer in Vitamin D supplements with a legacy of over 50 years in helping people thrive and live healthier through this important nutrient. The launch of Arachitol Gummies is an important step in helping bridge India’s nutritional gaps and enhance good health. These gummies are tasty and chewable, making them easy to consume for kids and adults alike, amid their fast-paced lifestyles.”

Commenting on the importance of maintaining Vitamin D levels, Dr Smita Datta, M.D., Consultant Physician said, “Vitamin D plays an important role in calcium absorption, bone health and immunity. Having a proper calcium level and balanced Vitamin D levels is essential for good skeletal health. Along with daily nutritional intake, supplements like Vitamin D gummies can help maintain appropriate nutritional levels for stronger bones, muscle strength and improved immunity. Additionally, this can help an individual avoid nutrient insufficiency.”

Recently, studies have suggested that maintaining healthy levels of the vitamin is vital to support one’s immunity and response to infections, and research is still underway to uncover more on the mechanisms underlying this relationship. One key role of Vitamin D, for instance, is helping protect the body against various infectious microorganisms through increased production of natural chemicals that help in destroying invading bacteria and viruses.

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