A Popular Hollywood Actor Successfully Treated For Multiple Lipomas With A Record Breaking 10-hour-long Surgery

A popular model cum actor from Hollywood (name withheld) was successfully treated for multiple lipomas with a record breaking 10-hour surgery by Dr. Ashish Bhanot. This is the first time that any surgeon has treated 324 lipomas within a time frame of one day.

Condition of the Patient

The patient, who was at the peak of his career, started feeling lump deposits throughout his body. This started affecting his thighs, abdomen, chest region, arms and lower back. Though the condition was not causing any physical pain or discomfort, but his quality of life and self-esteem were affected. He was unable to face the camera for various scenes.

Upon consultations at various places, he was suggested surgery and he underwent lipoma surgery by plastic surgeon in New York. But the surgeon could only remove 5 lipomas in a day which were done through big cuts and this took him over 2 weeks of recovery.

Further, one of those five cuts got infected, and upon complete recovery, he was left with cut marks and stitch marks that could hamper his career growth. Removing more than hundreds of lipomas from his body would have required taking a long break from his career. But, he did not want to take such a long break.

He then came to know about Dr. Ashish Bhanot’s micro-incision technique, and after a telephonic discussion with the team he visited Aum Clinics.

Actual Challenge was to remove All the 324 Lipomas in a Single Day: Dr Ashish Bhanot

“He was thoroughly examined and we discovered 324 lipoma sites throughout his body. He was then explained about the complete procedure and recovery time in detail. The actual challenge was to remove all the 324 lipomas in a single day, which was a herculean task, and I decided to proceed, aiming to remove as many lipomas as possible in a single day. Finally, the surgery took more than 10 continuous hours and all the 324 marked lipomas were removed. The patient made a quick and good postoperative recovery, was able to walk and move around comfortably, and was discharged from the hospital on third day of surgery” said the Treating Doctor, Dr Ashish Bhanot, Director, Aum Clinics, New Delhi.

Micro-incision Technique
  • The surgery was performed by Dr. Anish without any scars or stitches. A conventional plastic surgery would have left around 1300 stitches throughout the body.
  • Micro-incision technique for multiple Lipoma involves removal of Lipomas through micro incision (less than 3mm) which heals by itself and requires no stiches.
Conventional Plastic Surgery Vs Micro-Incision Technique
  • Conventional plastic surgery leads to large cuts and stitches; it is also associated with infection and pain, with long recovery time.
  • No stitches are applied in Micro-incision Technique.
What is Lipoma?
  • Lipomas are fatty lumps that grows slowly between the skin and the underlying muscle layer that are classified as tumors and are mostly non-cancerous and harmless.
  • It is usually soft to touch, feels like dough but not tender and moves underneath the skin upon gentle touch.
  • It is one of the most common type of tumors to grow underneath the skin.

“Before the advent of this micro-incision technique, it was not possible to remove so many Lipomas because routine plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures explained to him in United states were given cuts as big as the size of Lipoma. So, 324 cuts with at least 4 stitches per cut would have given him 1296 stitches which might have given him great pain, long bed rest, scarring and risk of infection.” Dr Ashish added.

Dr. Ashish Bhanot has already removed 180 Lipomas previously in a single day for one patient, but this is the highest number removed by one Surgeon in a single day. Ten hours long surgery in One Patient which is a record number.

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