A Dehydrated Body in Polluted Causes Infections, Reduce Cells’ Immunity to Fight Toxic Air: Dr. Mukesh Madan

a dehydrated body

New Delhi, November 19- Water is the most important element for our survival. Our body comprises of 70% water and our brains alone are 95% water. The cells in our bodies are full of water. So it is essential that we keep our body dehydrated at all times.

In summers, since our body loses a lot of sweat dur to hear, we naturally keep ourselves hydrated through water and other healthy drinks and shakes. However, during the winters, our fluid intake dips rapidly. It is a common misconception that we don’t need to drink a substantial amount of water during winters as we feel cold already and don’t lose water through sweat. This is a dangerous notion.

Since our sweat evaporates far more rapidly during winters, we think that we aren’t losing fluids like we do during summers. Another factor is that a cooler temperature does not let our body know that is thirsty, which is why, even after working out rigorously in winters we don’t feel as thirsty as we do in other seasons. This leads us to drink water only when our body desperately needs water but we misinterpret that emergency as normal levels of thirst.

Add this to the prevalent atmosphere of toxic pollution reigning over us. It feels horrific to imagine how an already dehydrated body would fail to fight the  all the more harmful effects of pollution.

Speaking to Healthwire, Jangpura based Dr. Mukesh Madan, who is also visiting physician at Fortis-C-Doc Hospital, Moolchand Hospital and Escorts Heart Institute, said, “In winter hydration is important not for your body but for your skin also because dehydration also causes dryness of skin. Secondly, when your body is hydrated, it will help your kidneys. If you don’t drink adequate water, you’re more likely to get stones. It is for the same reason that most of the people have kidney stones in the month of winters because the water intake among the people is low in that season. Even during winters one should drink at least 3 litres of water to void dehydration.”

While highlighting the significant risks of dehydration in a polluted atmosphere, he added, “Even in these days of high risk from pollution, drinking enough water can protect you from the harmful effects of the toxic air around us. If your body is dehydrated, especially in a polluted atmosphere, you will get more viral or bacterial infections than you would get on non-polluted days. Each cell in the body needs water so if you deprive the cells of water, the cells could lose immunity to fight pollutants. So that’s why it is important for your overall health to have enough water even during winters.”

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