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Co-users of tobacco and cannabis were approximately 1.8 times more likely to experience these mental health disorders.

Study Links Tobacco, Cannabis With Increased Risk Of Depression, Anxiety: Study

The research, published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE, revealed that individuals who used both tobacco and cannabis reported higher rates of anxiety.
Head and Neck Cancer: insulate yourself from this disease that is spreading its tentacles

Motivation To Quit Tobacco Products, Early Diagnosis Road ahead To Controlling Head And Neck...

Some of the most alarming signs that a tobacco user must never overlook are non-healing ulcers in the mouth, sore throat, persistent pain, difficulty in swallowing, and a change in the voice.
Unlocking Scarless Robotic Surgery for Thyroid Tumors

Government Implements New Anti-Tobacco Warnings for Online Content Platforms

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare's Initiative to Curb Tobacco Use In a significant move to promote public health and curb tobacco consumption, the Government...
Effects on oral health, respiratory system, cardiovascular health, skin and appearance, and reproductive health.

Importance of Quitting Tobacco Consumption -Dr. Ashok Rattan

Author - Dr. Ashok Rattan, Chairman Medical Committee & Quality Redcliffe Labs Tobacco Consumption: Early Signs of Damage and the Importance of Quitting Oral Health Regular...
On World No-Tobacco Day, the Union Health Ministry of India released guidelines

Health Minister Appeals to Break Free From Tobacco and Embrace a Healthier Life

Union Health Ministry Releases OTT Guidelines for Regulation of Tobacco Products in Online Content on World No-Tobacco Day On World No-Tobacco Day, the Union Health...
Successful conclusion of 76th World Health Assembly

Understanding Consequences of Addiction is Crucial in Making an Informed Decision to Quit Tobacco

Discover the harmful effects of tobacco chewing and learn about effective tobacco cessation methods to protect your health The Startling Reality: Harmful Effects Unveiled Tobacco chewing...
Drug Abuse and Tobacco Consumption: A Growing Public Health Crisis

Drug Abuse and Tobacco Consumption: A Growing Public Health Crisis

It is essential to share facts about drug abuse to make people aware of the harmful effects and the health risks associated with it.

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