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The study also uncovered a link between evening chronotype and diabetes risk.

Study Suggests Increased Diabetes Risk Associated with Late Sleeping and Waking

The findings revealed that approximately 11 per cent of the participants identified as having an evening chronotype, 35 per cent favoured morning, and 54 per cent fell into the intermediate category.
Lenses only filter out around 10-25 percent of blue light.

Study Debunks Efficacy Of Blue-Light Glasses For Eye Health And Sleep

Although blue-light filtering lenses, also referred to as blue-light blocking spectacles, have been promoted and even prescribed by optometrists since the early 2000s, the study's findings suggest that they might not provide the anticipated benefits.
This research underscores the psychological significance of how individuals perceive their sleep quality in relation to their overall well-being.

Impact Of Sleep Perception On Well-being – All You Need To Know

In summary, the study, published in Emotion, suggests that maintaining a positive outlook on one's sleep quality may contribute to an improved mood the subsequent day.
Before diving into the ways to improve sleep, it's essential to understand why sleep is so vital for skin health.

6 Ways To Sleep Better For Glowing & Supple Skin

Incorporate mindfulness meditation into your daily routine to reduce stress and anxiety, both of which can negatively impact sleep quality and skin health.

Know Why People With Heart Disease Experience Sleep Problems

Around one-third of people with heart disease face various sleep issues, including sleep apnea, insomnia, frequent awakenings during the night, and restless legs syndrome.
The research team assessed the cognitive function of 8,958 individuals aged 50 and above in England.

Insufficient Sleep Undermines Cognitive Benefits of Exercise, Reveals Lancet Study

The study highlighted that individuals who engaged in higher levels of physical activity but experienced short sleep durations—averaging less than six hours—exhibited faster cognitive decline overall.
Dr. Vikas Agrawal Reveals Surprising Link Between Sinus Problems and Sleep Quality

Doctor Reveals Surprising Link Between Sinus Problems and Sleep Quality

Dr. Vikas Agrawal Sheds Light on Sinus-Related Sleep Disturbances at Middle East Otolaryngology Conference Renowned Indian ENT Specialist Emphasizes the Impact of Sinus Problems on...

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