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Even as short-term trials showed green tea supplementation "significantly reduced fasting glucose."

Green Tea May Significantly Help In Lowering Diabetes: Study

The study, based on a meta-analysis of 27 trials published in Nutrition and Metabolism journal, showed that green tea intake had a favourable effect on fasting blood glucose concentration.
One needs to understand how these two conditions; diabetes and depression, pose serious health related problems differently.

Diabetes Patients Have Four Times Higher Risks Of Developing Long Covid Symptoms Like Brain...

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed a communicable viral pandemic with the existing non-communicable pandemic of metabolic diseases affecting a significant percentage of the world population, thereby affecting both quality of life and poor outcomes.
However, individuals who had just one cardiometabolic disease did not display a significantly higher risk of dementia.

Heart Disease, Diabetes Increase Dementia Risk: Study

Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases (ischemic heart disease, heart failure or atrial fibrillation) and stroke, so-called cardiometabolic diseases, are some of the main risk factors for dementia.
The senior citizens believe that their breathing problems may be due to the pandemic situation.

About 50 Per Cent Elderly In Noida, Gr Noida Suffer From Chronic Illness Like...

The survey was done from June 1, 2021 till May 31, 2022 and the age range selected for analysis was 56 to 91 years old for both men and women, it said in a statement.
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Dehydration & Diabetes: Tips To Manage It This Summer

Dehydration and diabetes often go hand in hand. Dehydration can impact several people when temperatures are high, and the sun is sweltering. However, people...

Gestational Diabetes And Its Consequences

Dr Sharwari MD internal medicine Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy in or after 28 weeks of gestation. It can occur...
heart disease

How Heart Failure Is Interlinked With Diabetes And CKD: Experts

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are a major public health challenge with nearly 61% of total deaths in India.Unfortunately, the issue of multiple interlinked chronic conditions...

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