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UK to restrict marketing and sale of vapes to children; Experts laud Indian Government...

New Delhi, 2 November 2023: Experts, including doctors and child psychologists, have commended the Indian government for its recent focus on the rigorous enforcement...

14 Children Receiving Blood Transfusion Are Diagnosed With HIV And Hepatitis

A recent report has revealed that fourteen children who have been undergoing blood transfusion for thalassemia have been found to be infected with HIV...
Art therapy also plays a pivotal role in enhancing a child's self-esteem and confidence.

Unlocking Wellness In Children: The Healing Power Of Art Therapy

By engaging in creative activities like painting, drawing, or sculpting, children can externalize their internal struggles, gaining insight into their emotions and experiences.
Struggling with infertility can be devastating to one sense of self-worth.

Preserve Your Fertility Today For Healthier Children Tomorrow

With advancing age, your fertility qusotient degrades. Fertility preservation helps preserve healthier gametes and embryos while you are younger so you can access them later when you are ready to start or expand your family. 
India's Healthcare Advancement: Strengthening Trauma Care Facilities Nationwide

App Developed By IIT Bombay, AIIMS To Help Identify Autistic Children

The app employs a tablet computer and presents the children with a series of simple games, questions, images, and activities to assess their social preferences, sensory interests, and motor skills.
IVF provides hope to infertile couples worldwide

Need For Breathing Healthy: Prioritizing Indoor Air Quality For Children’s Well-Being

Creating a clean and healthy indoor environment acts as a sanctuary against the harmful effects of outdoor pollutants, providing a safe haven for our children to grow and thrive.
Balanced diet, regular exercise, and enough sleep improve overall brain health and ease the risk of brain tumors.

Brain Tumor Cases Rising Among Children In India, Warn Doctors

The IARC says that nearly more than 28000 cases of brain tumour are reported in India per year and over 24000 patients lose their lives due to the disease per year.

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