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Cryoablation: A Game-Changing Cancer Treatment Arrives in North India

Cryoablation: A Game-Changing Cancer Treatment Arrives in North India

Innovative cryoablation procedure harnesses cold gases to combat tumors North India is set to witness a groundbreaking advancement in cancer treatment with the introduction...
Harmful Effects of Wrong Lifestyle and Utensils on Cancer Patients

The Impact of Lifestyle and Utensils on Cancer Patients: Making Healthier Choices

Learn how making healthier choices, such as adopting a balanced lifestyle and using safe utensils, can positively impact cancer prevention and patient outcomes.
The study has been led by experts from Yale University.

Lung Cancer Drug Significantly Reduces The Risk Of Mortality After Surgery: Details

The study has been led by experts from Yale University. The findings of the study also have been presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting.
Understanding Diseases and Promoting Well-being

Heart Diseases cause more deaths than cancer worldwide – WHO

Non-Communicable Diseases take maximum life worldwide. WHO data shows an increase in death due to non-communicable diseases. As per the latest WHO data, 74 per...
T cells of 50 per cent of the participants were able to identify the cancer neoantigens in their blood.

New Personalized mRNA Vaccine Might Be Effective in Fighting Pancreatic Cancer

The new mRNA vaccine for pancreatic cancer has been developed by German drug maker BioNTech that developed one of the first COVID-19 shots with Pfizer.
The growth of the cancer is so steady that patients can manage to live for many years.

Prostate Cancer Becomes The Second Most Common Form Of Cancer Among Older Men

Experts say that the risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer shoots up aggressively with age. Around 70 per cent of all prostate cancers occur among men who are above the age of 60 years.
Head and neck cancer (HNC) is the seventh most common cancer worldwide.

Increase In Cases Of Head And Neck Cancer – What Are Best Available Treatments?

India has the highest oral cavity cancer burden with 1,19,992 new cases and 72,616 deaths. This seems to be related to the widespread use of tobacco in India.

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