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Co-users of tobacco and cannabis were approximately 1.8 times more likely to experience these mental health disorders.

Study Links Tobacco, Cannabis With Increased Risk Of Depression, Anxiety: Study

The research, published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE, revealed that individuals who used both tobacco and cannabis reported higher rates of anxiety.
Government takes significant strides in medical education.

NPPA Fixes Ceiling Prices For Medicines Of Anxiety, Diabetes

Additionally, the price of etoricoxib and paracetamol tablets, utilized for pain relief and fever management, has been determined as Rs 8.99.
Meditation Apps Revolutionizing Wellness with Mindfulness

Meditation Apps Help Overcome Stress and Anxiety

5 Indian-Origin Meditation Apps Revolutionizing Wellness with Mindfulness Power of mindfulness through these innovative apps offering guided meditations and self-discovery techniques. Just a few years ago,...
It is vital to keep track of the time we spend on social media

Less Usage Of Social Media Can Ease Depression Anxiety And Isolation Issues – Details

Participants who have surpassed the 30-minute time limit for reducing social media usage have received more psychological advantages.
Discover the benefits of unplugging from screens and empowering teenagers to nurture healthier habits.

Health Experts Determine An Anxiety Gene And Methods To Avert It

At present, there are multiple drugs and remedies that are used to ease symptoms of anxiety, however, using the right blend of these medications is still a challenge.
some nutritious superfoods as well are pretty beneficial in reducing stress.

Manage Anxiety And Stress Issues With These Superfoods

Studies show that consuming foods that contain components such as tryptophan, Omega-3 fatty acids, and cutting caffeine intake might be beneficial in reducing symptoms of anxiety.

Blood Test For Anxiety: Examining RNA Biomarkers Can Help Determining Risk

The study showed that researchers could identify the current state of anxiety of a patient by examining the RNA biomarkers in blood samples.

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