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FSSAI's Rulebook: Navigating the World of Sweetener Standards

Unveiling the Lowdown on Artificial Sweeteners: What You Need to Know

ICMR's Findings: The Sweet Scoop on Aspartame and Cancer Are artificial sweeteners safe? The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has been on the case,...
Export Policy Amendment for Cough Syrups

Artificial Sweetener Aspartame Formally Labelled As ‘Possible Carcinogen’: Do You Need To Worry?

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener widely used in various food and beverage products since the 1980s, including diet drinks, chewing gum, gelatin, ice cream, yogurt, breakfast cereal, toothpaste, cough drops, and chewable vitamins.
Balanced diet, regular exercise, and enough sleep improve overall brain health and ease the risk of brain tumors.

Brain Tumor Cases Rising Among Children In India, Warn Doctors

The IARC says that nearly more than 28000 cases of brain tumour are reported in India per year and over 24000 patients lose their lives due to the disease per year.
ACCI 2022 will be held at Hotel Oberoi, Delhi.

Affordable Cancer Care In India 2022 Event On May 14

Cancer has recently overtaken heart disease as a leading cause of death worldwide. Global cancer burden of 18.1 million new cases every year, out of which 9.6 million die (GLOBOCAN IARC 2018) Signifies enormity of this challenge.

Women’s Healthcare Woes: Time To Stop The Sacrifice

Empowering Women's Health: Transforming Care Through Video Consultation In a world where women often prioritize family over themselves, Manipal Hospital is rewriting the narrative with...

#WomensDayWeek: ‘Men Yell At Me To Pluck My Unibrow And Moustache But I Think...

Facial hair is challenging ideals of beauty for women, a video of a girl goes viral who talks about this. Well, women like to keep...

World Cancer Day: All You Need To Know About Breast Cancer Myths

Being the most common cancer amongst women, breast cancer covers 25% of all cancer burden, globally as well as in India. With alarming rise...

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