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A Comprehensive Approach to Aortic Disease

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Sheds Light on Aortic Disease

A Silent Killer Lurking Within: Aortic Disease Awareness On September 25, 2023, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals raises awareness about aortic disease during Aortic Disease Awareness Week....
Wockhardt Hospitals: Patient Safety Week 2023 Celebrations

Private Hospitals In Uttar Pradesh Enrolled In Ayushman Scheme Gain Access To ‘Green Payment...

Under this arrangement, these hospitals will receive 50% of their claim amount promptly upon bill submission. However, stringent monitoring will be in place to detect any irregularities.
New Life Gifted: Ms. Jinan Abdullah's Victory Over Ovarian Tumour at Sanar International Hospitals

New Life Gifted: Ms. Jinan Abdullah’s Victory Over Ovarian Tumour at Sanar International Hospitals

Gurugram: A tenacious spirit, a relentless battle against pain, and an unwavering pursuit of hope. Meet Ms. Jinan Abdullah, a resilient 54-year-old warrior hailing...
Global Hospitals Parel Mumbai: 100 Robotic Surgeries

Global Hospitals Parel Mumbai Leads the Way with 100 Successful Robotic Surgeries

Revolutionizing Surgery with Da Vinci Xi Robotic System Global Hospitals Parel, Mumbai, is setting a remarkable milestone in the field of medical technology with the...
Dr Archit Pandit, Director & HOD, Surgical Oncology, Sanar International Hospitals, commended Ms. Jinan's enduring patience.

New Life Gifted: Jinan Abdullah’s Victory Over Ovarian Tumour At Sanar International Hospitals

The journey through ovarian cancer is not without its alarm bells—increasing abdominal size, bloating, and loss of appetite—are some of the worrying signs which one may experience.
Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi reported that the public health and engineering department of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has successfully conducted a trial using drones to spray larvicide.

Govt To Reserve 5% Beds In Delhi Hospitals For Dengue Patients

Bhardwaj directed hospital administrators to regularly update the Health Department's portal with information regarding dengue patients admitted to their respective facilities, a practice similar to how hospitals reported daily COVID-19 data during the pandemic.
Unlocking Scarless Robotic Surgery for Thyroid Tumors

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Performs Life-Saving Surgery on 67-Year-Old Patient’s Burst Gall Bladder

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Performs Life-Saving Surgery on 67-Year-Old Patient's Burst Gall Bladder Overcoming age and health challenges, the interdisciplinary team demonstrates the power of advanced...

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