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The study provides evidence for the biological mechanism behind ginger's apparent anti-inflammatory properties in individuals.

Study Reveals Ginger Supplements’ Potential In Treating Autoimmune Diseases

During the clinical trial, researchers discovered that daily ginger supplement intake over seven days (20 mg of gingerols/day) by healthy volunteers increased the levels of a chemical called cAMP within neutrophils.
Ginger has components that can boost cognitive function and memory.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Ginger Tea Regularly

Ginger can be used as an alternative that can be added to foods and beverages and has no side effects. It has components known as zingerone and shogaols that help in weight loss.
Too much consumption of ginger can aggravate bleeding problems.

Too Much Ginger Can Have Several Serious Side Effects: All You Need To Know

Yes, you heard it right. There are several side effects of ginger if eaten in large quantities. Going overboard with its consumption can lead to several health issues. Let's have a look at some of them

Know How Ginger Can Boost Your Immune System

The year 2020 made people realize the importance of healthy eating habits and keeping the immune system strong. By the end of the year,...

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Several factors influence heart health in young individuals, and understanding them is essential for promoting cardiovascular wellness.

Heart Health in the Young: Nurturing Cardiovascular Wellness for a Lifetime

Prioritize your heart health—it's the key to a longer, healthier life. Make smart choices with your diet, stay active, manage stress, and avoid smoking.

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