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Vaccine regulators and officials meet to strategize integration of COVID-19 vaccines in routine immunization

Vaccine regulators and officials meet to strategize integration of COVID-19 vaccines in routine immunization Kathmandu, Nepal | November 21, 2023: To integrate pandemic vaccines in...
The most frequently utilized cell type in clinical trials during the specified period was multipotent mesenchymal stem.

Covid-19: Cell Therapy Can Cut Death Risk By 60%, Says Study

Cell therapy, a rapidly advancing field, has been utilized to address various conditions, including cancer, autoimmune disorders, heart diseases, and infectious diseases.
In the current outbreak, six individuals have been infected, resulting in two deaths.

Nipah Can Spread By Droplets, Has A Fatality Rate Much Higher Than Covid-19: ICMR

The Nipah virus was first identified in 1999 and has been observed in several countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and India.
Knowing that the virus can infect and probably alter the function of the cells gives a hint of what the cause might be.

Study Explains Covid’s Impact On Senses – Details

These findings offer a valuable explanation for how the virus triggers symptoms within the peripheral nervous system, providing a foundation for potential treatments.
Health officials are closely monitoring two new variants.

Report Suggests Current US COVID-19 Wave More Severe Than Official Data Indicates

Weekly hospital admissions have nearly doubled over the past month, including a 19% increase in the most recent week, according to CDC data.
One group consisted of infants tested before the pandemic (34 infants), while the other group was tested between March and December of 2020 (20 infants).

Covid pandemic may have changed the gut bacteria of infants: Study

The research, published in Scientific Reports, indicates that infants whose gut microbiomes were examined during the pandemic displayed lower alpha diversity, indicating a decreased number of bacterial species in their gut.
The study underscores an overall 22 percent surge in the utilization of mental health services during the examined period.

Expenditure On Mental Health Services Surges Over 50% Since Commencement Of Covid: Research

To analyze the trends in mental health services subsequent to the pandemic's onset, the researchers scrutinized claims data from approximately 7 million adults covered by private insurance, spanning from January 2019 to August 2022.

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