97% People Satisfied With Covid-19 Vaccination Experience: Centre

The government is taking feedback from those vaccinated since January 17 through its mobile app CoWIN and has got responses from 7.75 lakh people, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said at a press conference.

The Union Health Ministry said on Tuesday that over 97 per cent of the 7.75 lakh individuals surveyed after receiving anti-coronavirus vaccine shots expressed satisfaction with the immunization process.

Since January 17, the government has received input from those vaccinated through its CoWIN mobile app and has received responses from 7.75 lakh individuals, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said at a press conference.

On January 16, the nationwide inoculation drive against COVID-19 was initiated with over three crore healthcare and workers prioritized to initially get the jabs

“On January 17, we started taking feedback on CoWIN application through the Rapid Assessment System (RAS) from those users who have been vaccinated.” Mr Bhushan said.

“Ninety-seven per cent of people are satisfied with the overall vaccination experience. This data is based on feedback from 7.75 lakh people,” he said.

Through the method, four questions were asked in a customized message to the beneficiaries a day after they were given the COVID-19 vaccine, Mr Bhushan said.

Of the total feedback received, 97.35 per cent expressed satisfaction with the overall vaccination process and 97.31 verified that sufficient social distance at immunisation sites was preserved, Mr Bhushan said.

He said 98.37 per cent confirmed that they were informed about the process of vaccination and that it was given properly, 88.76 per cent said they were informed about adverse events following immunisation and 97.19 per cent confirmed that they were asked to wait for 30 minutes for monitoring after being vaccinated.

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