86% Unsafe Abortions Occur in India, say Doctors in a Seminar Talk

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There is one crore abortions every year. There are 1.2 million abortions every year in Bihar.

Patna, January 26: There is a lack of awareness and information regarding abortion. The main reason for this is the frustration and illiteracy and social environment. Uneducated people as well as educated people do not talk openly on abortion. While many programs are being run by the government for its awareness and safe abortion. But even then, there are 1 crore abortions per year in the country.

85-86 percent of abortions are unsafe. Only 9 percent of women are knowledgeable about abortion. In Bihar, there are about 12 lakh abortions every year. About 8 percent of women die from unsafe abortions. The main reason for this is that they go to untrained people for abortions after pregnancy and to get abortions or to take medicines by themselves.

These issues were discussed in the seminar on safe abortion and sexual reproduction and health rights organized by Bihar Voluntary Health Association and iPass Development Foundation and common effort.

Head of the health department, director of the program, Tapeshwar Singh said that only 15 to 16 percent of safe abortions occur in the state. For this, it is necessary that they are given appropriate amount.

Couples should be linked to family planning. Mukesh Kumar Singh, Program Director, Mahila Vikas Nigam, said that between 40 and 42 percent of child marriages occur in Bihar, which is a major reason for unsafe abortion. Unicef’s Mona Singh has attributed the cause of unsafe abortion to unprotected sex.

While Jeevika’s Nazis Banu has emphasized to make women aware on this subject. The senior gynecologist of PMCH told in the panel discussion that the participation of private institutions should be increased for safe abortion.

Dr. Seema Narayan, Dr. Rakeshchandra Jha, journalist Madhuri Kumar shared their experiences. Girish Peter, Program Officer of iPass, Mo Khurshid Ekram Ansari of BBHA placed his views. On this occasion, the book Prevention and Management of Unwanted Pregnancy was released. The guests were welcomed by Dr. AK Sahni, President of BBHA. While the stage was operated by Rajesh Kumar. The vote of thanks was given by Swapan Mazumdar.

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