74% Delhi moms are unhappy with the way they look_Survey by momspresso.com

Momspresso.com, India’s largest user-generated content platform that allows women to express themselves through different formats including text, audio, and video across ten languages, recently released the second edition of its unique Moms Happiness Index survey. Conducted in association with the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), the survey, titled “Moms Happiness Index 2019”, covered over 2000 moms across the country. Having successfully uncovered the various factors contributing to or taking away from the overall happiness of urban mothers through the first edition, Momspresso.com has now expanded its scope to cover moms in non-metros. Through this, the platform has been able to present a more holistic view of the drivers and diminishers of moms happiness across the country.

The surprising key finding of the study has been thatwhile 48% of moms across India are happy with their current state of life, moms in non-metro cities are much happier than those in metro cities.  The survey also found that moms in non-metro cities rate themselves higher at being good moms, have happier marriages and have more supportive families. Unsurprisingly, the data indicated that moms in metros are much more stressed than moms in non-metro cities.

Momspresso has identified certain drivers of moms’ happiness. These include:

The top factors driving the happiness of moms across the country are – How good a mom am I? How supportive is my husband? How much time do I have for myself? How financially empowered am I? How supportive are my in-laws?

New Delhi Specific Findings

  • Safety of their child is the top stressor of new-age moms; keeping child disciplined and controlling their screen time follows list that affects moms happiness
  • Over 85% of moms think to be financially independent – is important for their self-identity, to be a role model of their children, and to fulfill their dreams
  • 74% of moms are unhappy with the way they look
  • 46% of moms are unhappy with their fitness levels
  • 56% of moms are concerned about their aging issues
  • 75% of moms spend less than 1 hr a week for their personal grooming
  • 76% of moms spend less than 7 hours a week on the things they like.
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