7 Ways to Focus on Yourself

If you can’t think of anything of any goal or you are really struggling to find the meaning, start by taking basic care of yourself.

You are at home, anxious and stressed about the Covid-19 situation and also tired of managing house, work and children altogether.  You are giving up so much of yourself that you are not finding the time to look after yourself.

Let us help you in focusing on yourself. Take small steps to take care of yourself and your mental health. Sometimes, when we want to better ourselves, we want to do everything at once, but this could overwhelm us and lead on to giving ourselves.

Here are the ten steps which you could follow to focus on yourselves.

  1. Introspect on what you want

Are you feeling lost? If you don’t know where to start, it’s better to start reflecting on your relationship, career and health. Think on which areas you want to improve. Talk to someone, take a walk, meditate, and write a journal about what’s going on in your mind right now. You can also reflect on what makes you the happiest, which could pinpoint you to a certain direction.

  1. Make small sustainable changes

Don’t think of this process as of sprint, rather take this as a sprint. Create small goals to set up yourself up for success. Take baby steps which help you to realize your long term goals.

  1. Focus on your basic needs

If you can’t think of anything of any goal or you are really struggling to find the meaning, start by taking basic care of yourself. Perform daily routine activities such as getting enough sleep, eating a good variety of foods, spending time outside, and exercising a little bit every day. This may sound simple but it really makes a difference in setting yourself up for tackling bigger goals.

  1. Try journaling

Writing or Journaling will help you to provide clarity of thoughts. Get a blank notebook and start writing on whatever topic you are thinking. This helps in letting go of something you are worrying about and also you are able to set aside some time for your thoughts and feelings.

  1. Find a new hobby

Hobbies are fun and great way to stimulate our mind. If you ever wanted to take up on that activity like playing guitar or sketching, now is the perfect time to take it up. A new hobby is exciting and if you are enjoying it, it’s also an ego boost. Make sure that the activity you pursue is something which you always had your heart on, not because this would make you look cool.

  1. Avoid negative people

Comparing yourselves with others is utterly normal. Most people do it, but if you constantly fall in the comparison trap, then this is major problem. Unfollow those people that make you feel bad about yourselves either be it on Insta or on FB. Limit your exposure to bad things.

  1. Take a break from social media

If you are spending most of your time on social media, then it’s probably better to rethink about your habits. Set phone alarms to limit your time on social media so that you are able to shift your focus to yourself. With your open time, do something fulfilling like reading, talking to friend, or exercising.


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