6 Life-Changing Ways to Manage Your Stress

Manisha Dhingra

New Delhi, January 21-It is a busy life and we all have tough schedule and expectations to meet. Stress has become a part of our life and we cannot ignore it. We all are going to face stress with every new ladder then why not find a way to manage stress or de-stress yourself.

Here are six ways to help you overcome your stress-


Meditation help you relax. It helps you calm your nerves and opens your mind. Make it a habit to meditate daily. People who have been meditating feel this is the 4th necessity in life after food, water and shelter. It makes your mind stronger and gives you the strength to think through and handle stress.

Yoga & Exercise

Do Yoga or exercise, have your pick. You have a better control over mind and body when you do some form of physical activity regularly. It gives you strength to manage the day to day problems. You will feel more physically and mentally capable of handling situations when you do yoga or exercise regularly.

Eat Well

Don’t skip meals or overeat when you are stressed. Both have negative effects on mind and body. Try eating well in general, it gives you more energy and help you fight mood swings. Try to include fruits and vegetable in your diet. At least it works as a break from stress. Grab an apple and take a break when you feel stressed.

Sleep Properly

A healthy mind is a healthy body. A proper 7 hours of daily sleep is recommended by experts for the brain to function well. It refreshes your mind and helps you get over the last day stress. A stressed out or not well relaxed mind cannot get you through a tough day. Oversleeping on weekends to cover for loss of sleep of weekdays doesn’t help get through the weekdays. So, start your day fresh with proper and sound sleep

Deep Breathing

Every day, before you begin your day, make it a habit to take deep breathes, at least for 5 minutes. When you take deep breathes 5 minutes you will feel more powerful and you will feel blood rushing through your body. Deep breathes opens the blocked pores and increases blood circulation. This can be very helpful when you are stressed. The moment you realise that stress is taking a toll over you, take a 5 minutes breathing break.

Take a Break

You deserve a break! A fresher mind concentrates better. Take a week off, relax yourself, don’t carry work or negative thoughts to the holiday. Break up with negativity and go on a break. You will join back with more positivity and more energized you!

(The writer has been associated with NDTV, Indian express and Dainik Jagran)

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