5 Amazing Fitness Benefits When You Do a Plank

New Delhi, January 11-If you work in office for long hours and have no time to exercise outside, or if it is too sunny or cold weather which discourages you to step out from home, or if you a late rising person and can never think of following the rigorous regime of morning walks-you still can’t use these situations as an excuse for your unhealthy an unfit lifestyle as there one thing you can always do to ensure your fitness, and it’s called Plank. And hey, it can be done indoors. Isn’t it the best thing about it.

Let’s know more about plank, a form of workout which does not require you to visit a gym.

If you want to build stability and strength throughout your entire body, you’ll go for Plank. It is very simple, effective core exercise and the main goal of the plank exercise is keep you fit, balance and flexible at the same time.

When you’re doing a Front Plank or High Plank you should rise to the top of your regular push-up position, making sure your back is completely straight, and hold the position here.

Some other specifications to do the right plank are:

-Make sure your elbows are directly under your shoulders.

-Line your wrists up with your elbows.

-Push your body upwards, and keep your chin tight(ish) to your neck. There should be a bit of space, perhaps a couple issues.

Time Duration

A recommended time for beginners is 30 seconds, but if you can’t do that, you can consider anything less to be good practice – or switch to a forearm plank, where you rest your weight on your forearms instead of your palms, allowing you to hold the position for much longer.

Do It Right

-Make sure you keep your chest and abs taut for the duration of your plank. This allows you to understand how your core muscles work together, and also ensures proper balance

-Make sure you keep your thighs activated – this is another important part to maintaining balance during a plank.

-Your body should look like a straight line (save for natural contours) for the duration of your plank.

-Rest for a minute or so between planks, and repeat the exercise at least three times.

Here are 5 Benefits of doing Planks:

Planks Are Best for Strength Training

Planks are an amazing assortment of cardio and strength training exercises, and you only know it after reaping great benefits from each individual exercise and training.

Do Plank for Good Posture

Planks are incredibly important for a number of things, which includes improving your posture. Good posture prevents your body from developing injuries by improper weight distribution, which can affect everything from major exercise routines to small movements like bending over.

Get You Rid of Back Pain

When you are planking to improve your posture, it helps in aligning your vertebrae as unnecessary stress in the spinal region is taken off. This also helps to arrange the ligaments in the back properly, which further prevents painful back conditions.

Make Your Focus Better

Planking help you train your muscles to be more stable and result in actual muscle growth. Having a strong core helps you avoid injuries. Strengthening your core also teaches you how your body and muscles work together, and can help improve your ability to work.

Good for Your Metabolism

Planks build your core muscle groups which led to improving your body’s metabolism by building your core muscle groups. Planks help strengthen massive muscle groups in your body. Having strong muscles means you burn more calories, even when you’re at rest.

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