1mg Partners With Ekincare To Lead Covid-19 Vaccination Drives

Ekincare, a health benefits platform that helps companies administer benefits efficiently, optimize healthcare spends and show real health outcomes, has announced a partnership with 1mg to drive out covid-19 vaccination and hence help fight the spread of the second wave.

The vaccination drive is carried out with 100% compliance with government directives. 500+ corporates will benefit from the vaccination drives.

As COVID-19 cases steadily increase and the risks of exposure get higher as well, the Government of India has stated the importance of setting up vaccination drives at workplaces and increasing the efficacy of the vaccination drives in an official circular.

ekincare, one of India’s leading employee healthcare management companies, initiated its first ever COVID-19 vaccination drive for employees and their dependents from March 8th, 2021. Since then, 100+ clients have already registered with them, resulting in 3L+ vaccinations demands for employees and their dependents.

After being the first healthcare company to take this initiative, ekincare is now at the forefront to conduct workplace vaccinations to battle COVID as well. However, while healthcare companies across the country are doing their part, in times of crisis it is often important to join forces to battle ever-rising odds.

Partnership with 1mg

In order to help combat the spread of COVID-19’s second wave beyond its current levels, ekincare and 1mg are partnering up to provide on-site vaccinations and medical assistance to all their client corporates going forward.

With the combined resources, skilled teams, and proven experience of both the companies, their aim is to make sure that India Inc. stays healthy, inoculated and fighting fit against the pervasive COVID-19 pandemic.

Both the companies look forward to leveraging their experience to support India Inc. by expanding access to these vaccines and stand ready with their expertise to help educate and vaccinate as many employees as possible.

Prashant Tandon, Co-founder, 1mg, said, “1mg and ekincare are uniquely positioned to play a pivotal role in driving large scale vaccination drives. We look forward to working together to provide a seamless vaccination service to corporate employees and lead the fight against COVID-19.”

Kiran Kalakuntla, CEO & Founder of ekincare, said, “As one of the top corporate health benefits provider, innoculating India Inc against COVID-19 is our top priority. 9/10 companies are looking to sponsor COVID vaccinations from employees and their dependents, which is bringing a new set of corporates who never spent on employee health before. With a enterprise grade platform, industry-leading service experience ekincare is happy to partner with 1MG, where ekincare will focus on generating demand and client servicing, while 1MG will help with the supply side of the equation.”

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