12-Year-old Uzbek Boy gets his voice back in Delhi

-Rare Reconstructive Surgery performed to help the kid speak again

-Patient had lost his voice post a fall where he incurred critical injury to his head

New Delhi, January 4: In a rare case of yet another great leap in the field of surgery, Khusanbek Ozotilla, a 12 year old boy from Uzbekistan successfully regained his eye-sight after a gap of 10 years through a revolutionary Reconstructive Surgery by Dr. Suresh Singh Naruka, Consultant, Department of ENT, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.

Childhood is all about giving one’s voice to every expression of the self. However, Khusanbek was deprived of the pleasures of life as he was unable to speak for such a long time.

Ten years ago, the child patient had met with an accident in his home country, wherein he had fallen from his home’s terrace suffering critical head injuries.

He had been admitted at a city hospital in Uzbekistan and underwent a lifesaving procedure called tracheostomy, a surgical procedure that involves creating an opening in the neck in order to place a tube into a person’s windpipe.

Thereafter, the child had a permanent hole in his neck due to which he lost his ability to speak and was not able to communicate normally.

After that, Khusanbek’s mother decided to get him treated at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.

The team at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals was initiated by Dr. Suresh Singh Naruka, Consultant, Department of ENT, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, along with with Dr.(Prof) Ameet Kishore, Senior Consultant Surgeon, ENT, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals and Dr. Nishant Rana Registrar, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals recently carried out the surgery wherein the trachea of the child was reconstructed.

The child was admitted on December 16, and the surgery was planned to be executed in two stages.

In the first stage, the patient underwent an endoscopic examination where his airway was found to be narrowed, a condition called subglottic stenosis. After this assessment, a T-tube was placed in his trachea.

Post-examination, it was decided that the patient needed a reconstructive surgery to correct the narrowed airway which was technically challenging.

After a week, the second stage surgery was conducted in which, a proper reconstruction of his windpipe was conducted successfully using a part of his rib as a graft, making his windpipe wider. The surgery was conducted smoothly without any complication. The operation enabled the closing of the opening in the neck which had been created earlier.

Post surgery, the child was then kept in pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) for one day under the supervision of Dr. Nameet Jerath Senior Pediatrician, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. Next morning the child was removed off the ventilator and was found that the tube which he carried for ten long years was removed.

On the ground-breaking surgery Dr. Naruka said “Finally after a 10 years long period full of misery, suffering and living without a voice, the kid is able to speak again. The mother of child was not sure that this would ever happen. The child was discharged on 29th December, 2019 and is living a healthy life now. He has now returned happily to his home country and is leading a normal life.”

Dr. Ameet Kishore said, “We are happy that Khusanbek is able to speak now with clarity. Tracheostomy is more hazardous in children than in adults, and carries special risks in the very young. With the advancement of Technology, Procedures such as Tracheostomy have evolved and become easier to be operated on.”

More than 50 Tracheostomy Surgeries have been performed at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in the past 10 years with a 90 Success rate.

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