10 Ways to Achieve Your Life Goals

Manisha Dhingra

New Delhi: There is no set definition of life goals. Life goals varies from person to person-

  • Happy family life
  • Successful business
  • Best cook in family
  • Open your own boutique
  • CEO of company
  • Be fit
  • Become cross fit trainer or yoga trainer
  • Peaceful life
  • Travel to world
  • Attain nirvana

There are few examples of life goals. No matter how small it may sound to the rest of the world, your life goal is your dream and you must find a way to achieve it. It should be your motivation andyour purpose of life.

1. Write it down-
Go for the traditional way. Ditch the notes in your smart phone and buy yourself a new dairy.
You will cherish it one day.

Start with writing down your goal. Pen down what you think about it, what you feel about it, steps that you will take to achieve your goal. Make it a daily habit to pen down what you thought about your goal today and what steps you took today to get closer to it. Read what you wrote yesterday and think about it. Make it your first thought when you get up and your last thought before you go off to dream land. Let your dreams be about it and you will find yourself taking at least one step daily towards YOUR life goal.

2. Research –

After you have written down your life goal, start reading about it. Put in efforts and do the research, find out different ways to achieve your goals. If you dream to be the CEO of a company or Marketing head of a firm, then pick up the biography of successful CEOs or Marketing head, read about their journey, their best practices, their thought process and the steps they took to reach where they are. See what you feel about their habits and start following what your heart agrees to.

3. Find the motivation within –
Talk to yourself and peep inside your heart to feel what motivates you. Your research will help you find your motivation. Your motivation should drive you up to your goal every day. Find motivation for your goal in everything you do and every person you talk to.

4. Action plan –
Once you have found your motivation, drive an action plan to achieve your goal. Break down your goal in smaller plans to achieve it and write it down. Number the steps and start taking actions towards these smaller goals. Celebrate as you complete each step.

5. Financial planning –

Each goal has financial aspect, if your dream is to have a happy family with two lovely kids, then think about financial requirement for children’s education, life insurance, security money, holiday funds, etc. Talk to financial experts, seek their help and decide on further steps to attain those resources. If the financial aspect is resolved then it is a big victory.

6. Dress up –

Dress up for the job you want and not for the one you have. We all have read this many times but what we might have missed is, that it is not just about dressing up but also about thought process and decision making. Take the decisions as you are already in the position that you want to be, think like you own the position, your every action should be a representation of  your life goal.
P.S – If you dress up like superwoman or superman, then you will be hearing from HR soon 😛

7. Talk about it –
Talk about your life goal with your close ones, with your family, sharing increases your belief in your goal. Talk about it to the people who motivate you, who understand you, who are surrounded by positive vibes and you will find yourself more motivated.

8. Measure it –
Measure your success on each step. Take 5 minutes break and think if you have got even one step closer to your goal. Write it down. Take your dairy everywhere you go and note down every step you take towards your goal.

9. Stick to it –
You will face challenges in achieving your life goal, after all it is your life goal, it was not supposed to be easy. But these failures are small road blocks, you might stumble upon them, you might even fall, so what, get up again and try again, try till you succeed but never give up.
Stick to your plan, stick to your goal, be determined and no one can stop you from being successful.

10. Motivate yourself daily –

Motivation is not a onetime thing. You need motivation daily, you need to motivate yourself daily. Appreciate your self, see the good in your mistakes, learn from the mistakes and motivate yourself again. Celebrate your success and your failures too, after all they also play a very important role in your success.

(The writer has been associated with NDTV, Indian express and Dainik Jagran)

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