‏World Cancer Day: Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava, Neurosurgeon Specialist, Dharmashila Narayana Superspeciallity Hospital, On Brain Tumours, their Types and Treatment

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New Delhi, February 3: On the fourth of February, the world will organise the importance of cancer by celebrating the World Cancer Day. This is the time when the emphasis will be on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation after cancer disease in general.

It’s a dreaded disease and God forbid somebody has it as it has are devastating effecteffect nit oy physically but also emotionally and otherwise to the family.

Brain tumours can also be cancerous. There are two types of cancerous tumours in the brain. One is indigenous to the brain, that is to say it arise from the brain itselfitself and the commonest being a Glioma and Astrocytoma.

The other kinds of cancers to the brain are the those which are imported to the brain. That means, if you have breast cancer and it spreads in your bodybody, the bone, the liver, the lungslungs and end number of myriad sites. But it can also spread to the brain.

These types of tumours which spread to the brain starting from elsewhere in the body are known as Metastatic Tumours. So the increase in the incidence and prevalance of cancer elsewhere in the body, the number of metastatic legions to the brain has also increased in proportion, and they can be treated.

Previously, it wasn’t considered good to operate on metastatic tumours unless it was a single legion, but now we’re a little more aggressive and there are other ancillary methods which can take care of these metastatic cancers.

So far as those brain cancers are concerned which arise from within the brain, there are different types and grades. The survival of brain cancers depend on early detection, early surgery and adjuvant radio therapy and chemotherapy for the control of these type of tumours.

So, anybody who is dealing with cancers or is suspectes to have cancer should have the screening of the brain as well, and sometimes the spine depending on the cancer suspected to rule out its spread to the brain and if it found there, then it should be tackled as soon as possible.

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